Sometimes referred to as a thickness planer and often confused with a surface planer, the planer thicknesser is an essential woodworking machine for hobby and trade woodworkers alike.

Here at Kendal Tools & Machinery, we believe a planer thicknesser is the most important woodworking machine and should be prioritised when you begin to order your own machines and tools.

So, why should you own a planer thicknesser? Read on to find out now.

What is a planer thicknesser used for?

Designed for trimming down boards to a consistent thickness and width, the planer thicknesser works by drawing the board through a set of rollers until it comes into contact with a set of cutting knives, which removes large amounts of material in a single pass.

Planer thicknessers focus on ensuring a consistent thickness throughout the length of the board, reducing stock to the exact thickness you need, and smoothing rough stock- making them suitable for a wide variety of construction projects.

Usually freestanding machines with feed-in feed- out surface tables, there is now a range of planer thicknesser bench models suitable for smaller woodworking environments.

What is the difference between a thicknesser planer and a surface planer?

While similar, a planer thicknesser and surface planer shape and calibrate wood in very different ways.

A planer thicknesser is a woodworking machine used to create boards of an even thickness, making the first face of the board parallel to the other and smoothing rough stock in the process.

This thickness is consistent along the length of the board, avoiding tapering and ensuring an accurate, high material removal rate.

The surface planer, on the other hand, is a hand-held power tool that can be used to create a smooth, level surface on a piece of wood by hand. It allows for an accurate finish and is adjustable, making it useful for bevelling and chamfering when used alongside additional jigs.

The surface planer, however, cannot make a straight cut on the opposite side of the board if the underside isn’t even, or close to even. The planer thicknesser can get around this by flattening the board to match any imperfections on the opposite side.

Is a planer thicknesser worth it?

For those who are passionate about their woodworking hobby, or who dabble in commercial woodworking, a planer thicknesser is an essential bit of kit.

Not only will it improve the likelihood of success in your projects, but it can allow you to save money on lumber.

Start new projects off right from the beginning

An integral part of woodworking is ensuring your raw materials are suitable for the job at hand, and with your very own planer thicknesser, you can be sure that every board will be perfectly straight, flat, and matches any thickness you need.

Getting your project off to the best start.

Save money on materials

A planer thicknesser can also save you money on materials.

Instead of buying new timber for every project, a planer thicknesser can allow you to repurpose reclaimed or scrap wood or buy cheaper lumber that you can clean up yourself quickly and easily in a matter of minutes.

What is the best planer thicknesser?

The best planer thicknesser for one person, may not be the best for others. As such, we have picked our top models from Kendal Tools & Machinery.

For those with small workshops and limited storage

A 2 in 1 planer thicknesser saves the room needed for two tools and saves valuable space in smaller wood workshops.

The Scheppach HMS1070 Planer Thicknesser combines the thicknesser planer and surface planer in a smaller size machine with no impact on power and ability.

With a 1-year warranty and free delivery, and easy ways to pay, a small workshop is no barrier to owning a powerful, dependable, high-quality 2 in 1 planer thicknesser.

For those looking for trade-quality results

If you work in a busy workshop that completes commercial projects, a trade-quality thicknesser is essential for creating the best starting point for any job.

The Charnwood W583 Trade Quality Planer Thicknesser combines both a thicknesser planer and a surface planer, with an easy-to-use transition between the two.

With a 5-year warranty and a 3-knife cutter block that is capable of 5mm cuts in a single pass, the Charnwood W583 is ideal for busy workshops.

Contact the experts in planer thicknessers

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