Scroll saws are specialist electric saws which are defined by their very narrow blade and their appearance which is similar to a sewing machine. These handy saws are excellent for cutting intricate patterns into numerous common materials including wood, plastic and metal. Here at Kendal Tools and Machinery we aim to provide excellent scroll saws for your use either on DIY projects at home or in the workplace.

We supply scroll saws from several quality manufacturers renowned in the machinery industry including Scheppach and Draper. These scroll saws are excellent for achieving precise and intricate cuts on most materials, giving you a good clean finish.

All our scroll saws are equipped with built-in dust blowers and extraction nozzles so that you can keep your workshop in clean working condition. Some come with 60-piece tool kits giving you the versatility to carry out further grinding, polishing and sanding.

Alongside our scroll saws we can also provide additional materials to make maintaining your saw even easier. Why not look at our pack of fret scroll saw blades, offering you a range of numerous thread sizes from 8tpi to 20tpi?

If you have any questions about our scroll saws or are looking for a particular kind of scroll saw that you can’t find here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Kendal Tools by visiting our contact page. Our friendly and knowledgeable advisors are just waiting to hear from you and will be able to resolve any enquiries you may have.

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