Have a woodworking enthusiast in the family? Kendal Tools & Machinery are here to help.

We have created a handy guide to help you buy the best tools as gifts this Christmas – even if you’re not too clued up on them.

Keep reading to make sure you earn the title of best child, grandchild, or sibling this Christmas.

Choose the best quality tools for Christmas gifts

Buying tools from high-quality suppliers is an easy win this Christmas.

Even if only used occasionally, low-quality tools and equipment can wear out, break, or jam, causing chaos in the middle of projects and can lead to your gift-receiver having to fork out for a replacement themselves.


But how can you ensure the tool or machine you buy is of the best quality? And why is it important?

Buy from leading brands and manufacturers

You might be tempted to buy from lesser brands and manufacturers which are often cheaper and give more gifts this festive season.

But remember the phrase, less is more.

The simplest way to ensure quality is to buy from trusted suppliers that have a loyal customer base and a wide range of tools for every project.

Here at Kendal Tools & Machinery we only sell products from leading manufacturers that we believe in and would recommend.

This includes SIP, which has an excellent HG1800CBW Battery-Powered Inverter Welder– perfect for welding in remote locations or areas without mains electricity.

Or Tigren, who have a range of workshop equipment, including air compressors, log saws, contractor saws, and electric cement mixers.

Keep safety first and foremost

Poor-quality items are also more likely to break- a significant health and safety risk for users.

According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), as published in a national newspaper, approximately 200,000 people go to A&E with DIY injuries, so keeping hazards to a minimum is an excellent idea.

Let’s not contribute to these stats this Christmas.

How to buy the best quality tools on a smaller budget this Christmas

If you’re like the thousands of other families celebrating Christmas with a smaller budget this year, here are our favourite ways to give high-quality tools on a smaller budget.

1.      Club together

If many family members give money towards a gift pot, then the special someone can receive a more expensive group gift for Christmas, instead of multiple small gifts.

This method can get them the equipment they want, without months of hard saving.

2.      Choose a reliable company

Here at Kendle Tools & Machinery we always offer the most competitive price alongside independent advice. This means we can offer impartial advice on all equipment options without specific brand loyalty.

Buying from a reliable, well-known supplier ensures that the gift you choose is not only great value for money, but is trustworthy, long-lasting, and independently assured.

3.      Choose the right tool

Sometimes equipment or tools come as part of a pack or set which comes with added extras or as a stand-alone tool. Choosing a set rather than an individual tool can be an easy way to increase the value for money associated with your gift and gives recipients the chance to try new things.

For example, let’s compare the Scheppach PL75 plunge saw. This set comes with two guide rails and a professional accessory pack while the same Scheppach PL75 plunge saw is also available with one rail and no accessory pack.

Buying a set instead of standalone tools or equipment means that your loved one has everything they need for their projects, now and in the future- the gift that truly keeps on giving.

Find the best quality tools for Christmas gifts with Kendal Tools & Machinery

If you’re basically clueless when it comes to tools and machinery, our team are more than happy to help.

You can speak to one of our friendly experts by calling 01539 733 774 or fill in our enquiry form with any of your questions, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Feel free to tell us more information about what type of projects your loved one completes so we can recommend some options for you to choose from.