There’s never a bad time to invest in a log splitter, but the summer months are definitely the best. There’s nothing worse than leaving your winter preparation until last minute, and having to quickly chop up your timber in the chillier months to ensure that your family doesn’t catch a cold when old Jack Frost comes to visit.

Here at Kendal Tools, we supply a number of log splitters in a variety of sizes – allowing you to tackle different amounts of log, in different widths. The Scheppach log splitters are ideal for all configurations, offering you a reliable method of slitting up wood without hurting your back in the meantime.

Some models are horizontal, others vertical – it’s all personal choice when it comes to the basis of your log splitter from Kendal Tools – with all models offering adjustable table heights for different length logs.

Most of our log splitters come with free delivery, which will be sent out to you in the shortest amount of time possible. We understand that it’ll be important that you get started with your wood chopping projects as soon as possible.

Contact us here today at Kendal Tools, where one of our professional advisors will be on hand to impart our 30 years of experience in the industry. Simply explain the requirements that will be needed from your log splitter and we will work to recommend the ideal configuration for your particular requirements.

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