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We are a leading UK supplier of bandsaws (also written band saws) and accommodate the needs of everyone, from the professional tradesman to the serious woodworking enthusiast. Within our online store, we have a comprehensive range of manufacturing brands, sizes, and types to choose from. We are confident that we have the perfect bandsaw machine for your requirements, so why not take a look today?

Bandsaw machines

A band saw is a powered saw that consists of a continuous band of steel with a serrated toothed edge – stretched between two or more wheels. The blade continually rotates along the wheels, like a cassette tape, yet despite moving continuously, only a small part of it is exposed in the cutting area. The small size of the blade allows for greater accuracy and control, and guides and bearings (located above and below the blade) hold it in position as it cuts through a piece of wood or metal.

A motor is used to power the band saw, and most models contain adjustments that let you expose more of the blade for larger workpieces, adjust speeds and allow for angled cutting, depending on the table surface. Band saws come with a table, angle, and fences – all of which will enable you to perform crosscuts, mitre cuts, straight cuts, and freehand cuts.

If you have one large piece of wood that you need to make a few parts out of, you should start with any straight cuts first – sizing down the wood and making it easier to work with. Then, use the saw again to cut the piece to the required size. From there, you’ll be able to make accurate cuts, including intricate details and curves.

Although bandsaws are mainly used in woodworking, they also come in extremely useful in lumbering and metalworking. Band saws for metal cutting are rarely any different from other types; the main difference resides with the blade you use, you also need a much slower speed plus the correct blades, it’s able to handle and accurately cut the metal – whilst reducing waste and allowing for greater control.

Order a bandsaw

Here at Kendal Tools, we have a fantastic range of bandsaws for sale – suitable for both woodworking and metalworking – from leading power tool brands, such as Scheppach, Charnwood, Fox, SIP and Draper.

Our Scheppach bandsaws are renowned for being quiet yet powerful, and their fast and accurate cutting of hardwood and softwood makes them an excellent choice for professional woodworkers and home DIY enthusiasts alike.

An example of one of the Scheppach bandsaws we stock includes the BASA 3 bandsaw which comes complete with a stand, wheels and mitre guide. Specifically designed to provide a high level of flexibility with an amazing breadth of function, Scheppach claims that the BASA 3 bandsaw is full of technological innovations – far more than any other of its kind!

Our range of Charnwood band saw machine are very popular with a large range from DIY hobby machine up to a heavy duty floor standing machine wit large depth of cut. https://www.kendaltools.co.uk/product/charnwood-w750-bandsaw-295mm-deep-cut-wheel-kit/

All of the bandsaws for sale, here at Kendal Tools, boast a range of impressive properties, so be sure to browse our collection below. Once you’ve found the best one for your application, add it to your basket and proceed to checkout.

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If you have any questions about our bandsaw machines – whether it be for woodworking or metalworking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The Kendal Tools team has detailed knowledge of the different types of band saws available and will be more than happy to share their expertise. Feel free to call us on 01539 733 774 or send an email to info@kendaltools.co.uk.

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What are bandsaws used for?

A bandsaw (or band saw) is a powered saw with a long, sharp blade with a toothed edge between two or more wheels – used for woodworking, lumber cutting and metalworking. A band saw is essential to complete everything from straight cuts to crosscuts and freehand cuts. It helps you to cut the wood down to an accurate size and can also be used to create intricate shapes. Band saws have been used to rip (cut) lumber for centuries. They feature a large table size and excellent cutting capacity that enables you to cut bigger pieces of lumber with ease, which can then be used as fence pieces. When it comes to cutting metal, band saws are perfect. The sharp-toothed edge of the blade allows you to accurately cut the metal. And the best part is, you can change the bandsaw blade to create a different shape in the metal. For more information about bandsaws and their uses, get in touch with the Kendal Tools team today.

Are bandsaws expensive?

Bandsaws combine the stability and durability of a table saw with the versatile shaping of a jigsaw, and can be used to cut through metal and wood. But there’s no denying that they are a significant investment, so you need to make sure that you choose the right one for you. We suggest that you carefully compare the build quality and safety features of the band saw, along with any specific features and the cost, to identify the best one for your needs. Here at Kendal Tools, we pride ourselves on competitive, yet affordable, prices and are confident that you won’t find the same quality band saw for less elsewhere. What’s more, our team has detailed knowledge in this area and will gladly advise on the best bandsaw for both your application and budget. Feel free to call 01539 733 774 for more information.

What size bandsaw do I need?

Good question! The band saws for sale, here at Kendal Tools, are available in all sizes, ranging from 8 to 18-inches. In most cases, a 12 or 14-inch band saw is more than big enough for woodworkers who would use the machine as a hobby, as it will provide sufficient power in a smaller footprint. This size bandsaw is also ideal if you require curved cutting – but not in a heavy-duty capacity. If you’re going to be using your bandsaw continually for thicker pieces of wood or metal, then it’s worth opting for a larger 18-inch band saw. This band saw size is much more powerful and has a bigger motor – making it perfect for rugged cutting applications. Although an 18-inch band saw is typically used for commercial applications, that’s not to say it won’t benefit a woodworker that produces high-grade wood/metal pieces regularly. If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail with a member of our team, don’t hesitate to call 01539 733 774 or drop us an email at info@kendaltools.co.uk.

Do I need a bench or floor-standing bandsaw?

Generally speaking, floor-standing bandsaws offer more capacity and power than benchtop bandsaws. So, if you need a machine that has the maximum output and capacity, you can consider a floor-standing model. However, if you are a home or hobby woodworker, opting for a benchtop bandsaw might give you the control, capacity, and power you truly need, without paying for extra that you won’t use. Another consideration is the price difference between floor-standing and benchtop models – which can be significant and cover the cost of multiple benchtop machines versus one free-standing bandsaw. While all machines, including bandsaws, should be considered an investment and should give as high a price-performance ratio as possible, you should try to be realistic about what you actually need from a bandsaw to narrow down your selection. For personal recommendations, you can call us or send us an email and we can talk through your best options – bearing in mind your budget and desired performance specifications.

Should my bandsaw be the same brand as my other woodworking tools?

If you have purchased and enjoyed woodworking tools and machines from a pre-existing brand, it can be tempting to stay with that brand for all future purchases. Some craftspeople stay loyal to one brand, citing a personal preference, or the quality and uniformity of appearance from same-brand machines. Others prefer to purchase the best tool for the purpose and opt for the best manufacturer of each individual machine. Whether you do this, or not, is completely up to you. The only exception to this is if you are investing in cordless equipment – as most brands use slightly different batteries and therefore slightly different recharging units. Sticking with one brand then allows you to recharge all batteries with one recharging station, saving space and time searching for the correct component. For brand recommendations, reach out to our experts at Kendal Tools & Machinery. With decades in the industry, we can share our expertise with you – simply call us or fill in our enquiry form, outlining your requirements, and we’ll get back to you with our recommendations.