A belt drive petrol air compressor converts power into energy and, when paired with your air tools, can help to make light work of a wide range of tasks – from touching up paintwork to wrenching off wheel nuts and even cutting metal!

Unsure which air compressor is right for you? Relax, the experts at Kendal Tools can guide and advise you in making the right choice.

With almost 50 years’ extensive research and development behind the complete collection, SIP belt drive compressors are widely recognised in the UK and beyond, and we supply some of the best, here at Kendal Tools.

Designed to meet the needs of all users – the SIP Honda air compressors we supply are ideal for trade, DIY and industrial applications. Ranging from trade models for small workshops and garages, through to powerful, heavy-duty industrial machines – suitable for the most demanding industrial applications – you’re sure to find the Honda motor air compressor you need.

No matter which belt driven air compressor you choose, they are all powered by a high-quality GX petrol engine and include a safety valve that allows you to operate the machine in confidence, knowing that it’s safe to use. Another great feature of the SIP Honda engine compressors is the integral metal guard frame which provides extra protection.

Static compressors, such as the SIP04458, are best suited to busy environments and can be installed permanently, whilst a Honda air compressor, like the SIP04444, is supplied with a pneumatic tyre wheel kit – making it easier for you to manoeuvre around the workshop.

No matter which belt drive compressor you choose, we can assure you that they are all individually tested by skilled engineers to ensure you benefit from a first-class, efficient and ultra-powerful machine. Most Honda engine belt drive compressor are supplied with a 3-year warranty for parts and a 10-year warranty for air receiver anti-corrosion.

At Kendal Tools, we pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service, with great products at competitive prices. Browse our fantastic range of belt drive compressors below and find the best one for your application. Once you’ve found it, add it to your online basket and proceed to checkout where you can select a suitable delivery method.

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If you don’t see the belt driven compressor you need, feel free to let us know and we’ll do everything we can to source it for you, or offer a suitable alternative.

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What’s the difference between a belt-drive and direct-drive compressor?

Belt-driven air compressors use a belt that connects the air pump to the motor. They use pulleys to transfer power – providing more control and flexibility. A direct-drive air compressor, on the other hand, has a motor connected to the air pump and doesn’t use pulleys. The motor’s speed directly connects with the compressor’s. Admittedly, direct-drive air compressors have a more straightforward design and are tolerant to harsh environments. However, they’re not the best choice for all applications. For instance, if a direct-drive compressor becomes damaged, it will be expensive to repair. These can also be noisy to operate. Which is why, if you’re looking for a system that operates quietly, a belt-driven air compressor is ideal. With the appropriate maintenance and lubrication, it’ll operate much quieter. For more information about the different types of air compressors, get in touch with the team today.

Is a belt-driven air compressor right for me?

Deciding whether to invest in a belt-driven air compressor can be tricky, especially when there are so many factors to consider. However, the team at Kendal Tools will happily assist you in making an informed decision. One of the biggest benefits of belt-drive air compressors is that they are flexible. You can easily change the pressure or speed by adjusting or replacing the pulleys. Their flexibility also makes them an excellent choice for auto repairs and woodworking shops that often require quick pressure adjustments. Something else worth noting about belt-driven air compressors is that they’re much simpler to maintain than other models on the market. To keep your compressor in working order, all you need to do is change the filters and oil and have the belt tension checked and lubricated regularly. Keeping your air compressor well-maintained will increase its lifespan and help it to perform more quietly – ensuring fewer disturbances. To find out more about our belt-drive air compressors, or to discuss your requirements with a member of our friendly team, give us a call on 01539 733 774

How do belt-driven air compressors work?

The way a belt-drive air compressor works is simple. These systems consist of a belt that is connected to the motor of the compressor pump. When you turn the machine on, the belt starts to turn and powers the pump through the pulley system to the air compressor. With belt-driven air compressors, you can adjust the pressure to suit the job and your tools. For example, if your pneumatic tools require 90 psi and your compressor reaches a maximum of 80 psi, all you need to do is replace the pulley to increase the system’s output. Experts believe that a properly lubricated and maintained belt-drive compressor will run smoother than a direct-drive system. However, these belts are subject to wear and tear, meaning you will need to repair and replace them to ensure they function efficiently. For more tips on using a belt-driven air compressor, contact Kendal Tools & Machinery. We’ll be more than happy to share our knowledge and expertise.

Are belt-driven air compressors expensive?

The price you’ll pay for a belt-driven air compressor can vary – but, the good news is, they are typically cheaper to purchase than their direct-drive counterparts. Although belt-driven systems are not maintenance-free, and their parts are prone to wear and tear, repairs are often more affordable than those required for a direct-drive compressor. Another great thing about belt-drive air compressors is that they are nowhere near as noisy. They facilitate silent operation, making them perfect for a variety of environments – including offices, laboratories, surgeries, workshops, etc. To find out how much a belt-driven air compressor will cost you, scroll through the options available and click on the ones that best suit your requirements. All our prices include VAT here at Kendal Tools, so the price you see is the price you pay. In the meantime, if you’ve got any questions or queries, we encourage you to speak with our team directly by calling 01539 733 774.

Are belt-driven air compressors quieter?

When compared to a direct-drive air compressor, with proper lubrication and maintenance, the belt-driven air compressor will run more smoothly and therefore more quietly. If you will be carrying out work in home workshops, on private property, or in other environments where noise pollution must be kept to a minimum, consider purchasing your own belt-driven air compressor. These are ideal for indoor environments and residential neighbourhoods. They also generally have fewer maintenance demands, which include only: • Checking belt tension • Lubricating and regularly changing filters and oil It should be easier for the occasional woodworker to keep their belt-driven air compressors in good working order. It should be noted, however, that in harsher environments, particularly in those with large temperature extremes of either freezing cold or sweltering hot, a direct-drive air compressor would be the most prudent choice. To be sure you are choosing the right air compressor for the job, browse the detailed specifications on each product page. If you are still unsure, you can call us or send us an email and we’ll find the best belt-driven air compressors for your needs.

How to store belt-driven air compressors?

Once you’ve ordered the belt-driven air compressor best suited to you, it’s essential to know how to store it. If stored incorrectly, your belt-driven air compressor’s life could be drastically shortened and will likely result in you having to complete maintenance work more frequently. To store your belt-driven air compressor properly you should: 1. Turn off the compressor and unplug it from the wall. 2. Ensure the air pressure outlet is set to zero. 3. Remove any tools, like an airbrush or nail gun, or elongating hoses. 4. Drain the compressor valve – you should use a drainage pan or bucket for this and mind your hands. 5. Close the valve once it runs dry. 6. Keep it in a dry area, raised off the floor to avoid accumulating ground moisture. 7. Ensure it is away from direct sunlight. For more help safely storing and maintaining your belt-driven air compressor, reach out to our experts at Kendal Tools & Machinery. With decades in the industry, we have plenty of experience to share – simply call us or fill in our enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.