With Christmas rapidly approaching, it can be easy to panic-buy slightly impersonal gifts – especially now you can pick them up in the supermarket with your weekly shop.

Although you may mean well, chances are woodworkers, craftspeople, or DIY enthusiasts will have a list of tools on their wish list that would make a much better gift – even if it might not fit beneath the tree!

So, read on to find out the best tools for Christmas gifting this festive season and get that to-do list ticked off in no time!

1.    Bandsaws

Designed for every kind of woodworker, from the professional trade to woodworking enthusiasts, a bandsaw can allow you to carry out a large range of cuts, from crosscuts and mitre cuts to straight cuts and freehand cuts.

They are great for cutting down larger pieces to the required size, making them much easier to manage and making projects safer – while also allowing you to make more accurate cuts, as well as completing intricate details, like curves.

Bandsaws are frequently favoured because of their relatively small size and the amount of heavy lifting you can avoid – in comparison to handheld tools.

2.    Circular saws

Just like the bandsaw, the circular saw is an essential piece of kit for woodworkers of all types, from craftspeople to professional teams, like kitchen fitters.

Utilising a circular blade that runs along rail tracks for increased safety, the circular saw can make all manner of cuts, from rip cuts to cross cuts while also being able to cut bevels – which are widely used by furniture makers and joiners alike.

They are not only more energy efficient than other saws, thanks to their continuous cutting motion, but are also easy to use and versatile, making them a treasured gift for your loved one.

3.    Planer thicknessers

If your family member or friend is often working with large lengths of stock, a planer thicknesser can help save them hours of sanding, by planing lengths to a consistent thickness and width.

Free-standing or table-top to save space in the workshop, you can easily provide a practical solution for workshops of all shapes and sizes.

This machine is especially necessary for those who build furniture or fit kitchens and bathrooms.

4.    Workshop heaters

While less impressive than a new woodworking machine, a workshop heater might well be more appreciated in the short term – thanks to its instant warming effect!

Keeping their workshop warm allows your loved one to continue their hobby all year round, which gives them time for some much-needed rest and relaxation to escape the day-to-day stresses.

With a wide variety to choose from, you can also play savvy and choose the heater that is the cheapest to run, including:

  • Diesel/paraffin/kerosene space heaters
  • Propane heaters
  • Infrared heaters
  • Electric fan heaters

Some heaters are even portable, so can be brought outside during the summer if you are hosting BBQs or parties and the weather doesn’t play ball!

5.    Replacement blades

For those working with a smaller budget, replacement blades are also an excellent gift – or stocking filler – for your loved one.

As each woodworking machine works only as well as the blade it is using, it can make a real difference in breathing new life into older machines, helping them to last as long as possible.

Circular saw blades come in many variations, depending on the job your loved one is looking to complete, or the materials they are using, for example, softwood or hardwood.

Bandsaw blades are also dependent on the materials being cut, so be sure to check if your loved one is working with wood, non-ferrous metal, or plastics before you order!

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