For 40- years, Charnwood has supplied a wide range of woodworking products for trade and hobby, and Kendal Tools & Machinery are proud to supply them to you at the best possible prices.

Whether you need bandsaws and thicknessers, planers, table saws, sanders, or lathes, you can find any Charnwood brand product you are looking for handily grouped in one place.

Woodworking machinery
Choosing the right tool for the job will ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible and is completed to the highest standard.

As such, please reach out to us if you require any further advice, we would be happy to assist you in fulfilling your project’s needs.
Charnwood supplies a range of saws including bandsaws and table saws.

While all varieties of saw cut wood, using the wrong saw can mean that the effect you are looking to create might not be possible, as each is designed to cut and handle timber differently.

Bandsaws consist of a motorised blade that houses continuously toothed metal sheets. Inner wheels drive the blade and can cut a mix of materials including plastic, different varieties of wood, and metal, with the correct type of blade.

Table saws are made of a motorised circular saw blade that protrudes through the top of a table to cut wood that is placed on top of it. These have many functions and are used very commonly used across all varieties of woodwork.
Thicknessers and planers
While very different tools, thicknessers and planers are overarchingly designed to flatten and finish wood, so it becomes smooth and flat.

Thicknessers are predominantly intended to ensure boards of all sizes can be cut down to a pre-determined thickness and width, so they can then be used for hobbying, DIY, or construction.

Planers are designed to skim the top layers of a wooden surface to ensure it is smooth and consistent. It can also be used to straighten warped boards.
Spindle moulders, lathes, and sanders
Shaping wood for aesthetic effect is a very important part of any woodworking project, and helps to ensure that as well as being structurally sound, any project you complete is visually appealing too. A crucial step of this is a final sanding to ensure the finish is consistent.

Lathes use a rotating workpiece and a stationary cutting tool to shape metal or wood, depending on the cutting attachment.

For a more upmarket finish, spindle moulders are utilised to make profiles, rebates, and grooves on the edge of woods, plastics, or composite materials.

Sanders, mechanical or manual, are used to smooth, polish, and clean up the surface when finishing a project. Used well they can accentuate the beauty of the wood by showing off its grain without the need for extra adornment or painting.
Other woodworking essentials
Whether you need router tables, dust extractors, a morticer, bench grinders, or anything else, Kendal Tools & Machinery is thrilled to present a wide array of Charnwood woodworking machinery, perfect for any job or workshop space you may have available to you.
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