Find our full range of cement mixers on offer here at Kendal Tools. We pride ourselves in offering the very best cement mixers from industry-leading brands including Scheppach and Tigren.

Why do I need a cement mixer?

As portable devices with revolving drums that mix cement, aggregate, and water to create concrete, cement mixers are a staple of any construction site.

Featuring a large drum wheel for easy emptying and labyrinth housing to prevent splashes, cement mixers reduce labour and help to keep sites spick and span.

Cement mixers commonly include small wheels so they can be moved when needed, and a stabilising foot pedal that supports the drum, so it remains steady while mixing.

What capacity cement mixer do I need?

Cement mixers come in a range of drum capacities, which denotes how much cement can be mixed.

Smaller models

The smallest models available from Kendal Tools & Machinery come from the well-known brand Tigren.

The Tigren 08212 Electric cement mixer 63Ltr is our smallest capacity cement mixer and features a 220-watt,  230-volt motor. This model can run on domestic energy supplies, making it perfect for keen DIY enthusiasts.

The Tigren 08211 Electric cement mixer 115Ltr is another smaller mixer, featuring a 500-watt, 230-volt motor that also runs off the domestic energy supply. This model is ideal for general professionals that need smaller quantities of cement to complete smaller jobs.

Medium-sized models

With a 550-watt, 230-volt motor, Scheppach’s smaller cement mixers are perfect for professionals who use cement mixers to mix smaller quantities of cement, or perhaps those who use cement less frequently.

The Scheppach MIX 120 electric cement mixer features a 120-litre capacity and a maximum drum speed of 26.6 rpm.

For slightly larger jobs, the  Scheppach MIX 140 electric cement mixer features an increased 140L capacity.

Largest models

For construction professionals who need larger quantities of cement, one of our of higher-capacity cement mixers is the best choice.

The Scheppach MIX 160 electric cement mixer produces 160L of high-quality cement- ideal for those who need a bit more cement to finish their job.

The Scheppach MIX 180 Electric cement mixer produces 180L of high-quality cement, making it perfect for sites with increased concrete needs.

Order cement mixers today

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However, if you have any questions or want more advice about our cement mixers, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us on 01539 733 774, or fill in our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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