Are you looking for top-quality garden machinery? Well look no further because, here at Kendal Tools & Machinery, we supply everything from automatic garden sieves to petrol garden shredders from well-known manufacturers, such as Scheppach and Zipper.

Garden shredders and chippers

A garden shredder (also known as a garden wood chipper) is used to reduce garden waste to a more manageable size. Thanks to their strong cutting blades, these machines can process tree branches, clippings and foliage with ease.

Investing in a garden shredder is a sure-fire way to save money on skip hire and several trips to the local tip. What’s more, they produce chippings that provide an efficient source of compost or mulch for your garden.

The question is, which do you choose?

At Kendal Tools, we supply a choice of electric and petrol shredders and chippers. And although most gardeners will opt for an electric one, it’s always worth checking that the length of the cable is suitable as some brands skimp on cable length which means you’ll need to use an outdoor extension cable.

We provide the Zipper GHAS2800 silent garden shredder. This electric model has a 3.7hp motor and works off a 13amp plug. Perfect for larger, heavier, woody branches and clippings, there is also a reverse function which means that if anything gets jammed, it can easily be cleared.

Don’t have an outdoor power supply for an electric shredder? Our petrol shredders are an excellent alternative. Though they tend to be more expensive and will need routine servicing, petrol garden wood chippers are more powerful than their electric counterparts. Take the Zipper HAEK4100 petrol wood chipper, for instance. Boasting a waste infeed chute, adjustable ejection chute and 5.6hp petrol engine, it offers reliable and efficient crushing of raw garden material. It even comes with a canvas cover for outdoor storage.

Garden sieves

From stones and cement to pieces of wood, plastic, old screws and even glass, garden soil can contain all kinds of debris. But one of the cheapest – and most efficient – ways to get rid of foreign objects like such is to use a garden sieve (sometimes called a soil sieve).

These can sift out large lumps from soil and compost. And although they have been used for many generations, they are still widely used to improve soils today.

At Kendal Tools, we provide rotary soil sieves that allow you to filter large amounts of soil faster and can also save your back. These are particularly ideal if you struggle to hold onto the sieve with a load of soil in it, or if you simply want to do things the easy way.

If space in your garden shed is at a premium, the Scheppach RS350 soil rotary garden sieve is a brilliant choice. It is both light and portable which makes it easy to use, but also has a foldaway body which means it can be folded away neatly when it’s not in use.

Need a garden sieve to refine large quantities of compost? Try the Scheppach RS400 Automatic garden sieve (the larger version of the RS350).

Get in touch

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If you have any questions or require an expert opinion, please contact the team today on 01539 733 774. You can also drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection today.

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Is a garden shredder worth it?

If you have a garden with hedges, bushes and/or trees that need clipping or cutting down, a garden shredder is a smart investment to make. Aside from saving you tireless trips to the local tip with bags of garden waste – and preventing prickly branches from damaging and making a mess inside your car – garden shredders are one of the most environmentally-friendly garden tools. They allow you to chop up woody garden waste into smaller pieces and recycle it, which also means you won’t need to purchase big bags of compost or mulch for your garden. Here at Kendal Tools, we provide silent shredders that are powered by motors, and shredders and chippers with petrol engines. We’re confident that you’ll find something suitable on our website. If you’re unsure which is best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is the best garden shredder to buy?

The best garden shredders are the ones that can churn through garden waste quickly and quietly. Branches, foliage and debris won’t get jammed and clearing your garden material won’t be a noisy nightmare! Most gardeners opt for an electric garden shredder, but it’s worth noting that some brands skimp on cable length – meaning you’ll need to have an outdoor extension lead if you’re to cover the entire garden. Petrol garden shredders, on the other hand, don’t need cables. Therefore, they can be easily moved around the garden without any restrictions. Typically, tree surgeons use larger, more expensive models that are better equipped to handle thicker branches and greater volumes of debris. These also require less emptying. As with most things, the bigger the garden shredder’s capacity, the more you’ll pay.

What is a garden sieve used for?

Enthusiastic gardeners typically use a garden sieve to sift out large lumps from soil and compost, providing a fine material for sowing seeds and potting plants and shrubs. Garden sieves are also great for removing stones and gravel from soil, which effectively improves quality and aids growth. When stones hit homegrown vegetables, such as carrots, they damage easily and may split into two. Sieving the soil and removing any large chunks will enable them to grow straight and long. For more information about our garden sieves and their uses, give the team at Kendal Tools a call on 01539 733 774.