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Wood Turning Lathes

A quality wood lathe machine is key in any woodworking shop – every good carpenter will tell you that. Without a wood lathe, your ability to create beautiful woodwork is instantly limited.

Wood turning lathes are machines that help create circular wooden objects. These handy machines rotate a piece of wood at speed so it can be more easily cut, sanded, knurled, drilled, or turned into a shape of the craftsman’s choosing, using a variety of chisels and knives. But choosing one is sometimes easier said than done – especially when there are so many on the market today.

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That’s where Kendal Tools can help.

We are a leading UK supplier of wood turning lathes and have a comprehensive range to choose from, including popular manufacturing brands, such as Charnwood, Scheppach, SIP, Fox and Draper.

The wood lathes for sale, here at Kendal Tools, are an excellent choice for hobby woodturners as they remain small enough to be transported comfortably in the boot of a car. Take the Scheppach DMT450, for instance. Heavier duty machines are also available to purchase from our online store, including the Scheppach Lata 5.0, which is aimed at the professional or serious woodworking enthusiast.

In addition to this, we can supply handy accessories to go alongside your new lathe machine, such as LED lights, allowing you to see what you’re doing when working on a more detailed piece. We also offer complete sets of chisels and other replacement pieces, so that you’re never caught short.

How to choose a wood turning lathe

It’s easy to get it wrong when choosing a lathe machine, that’s why we advise you to take your time and weigh up all your options before rushing your decision.

First things first, you need to consider how much space you have in your workshop because our wood lathes are available in all sizes. If you have the space to facilitate a larger lathe, we suggest you do so as it’s far more versatile than a smaller model and can be used to do small pieces too. But, if space is at a premium, or you only have a limited budget to work with, a good-quality small woodturning lathe is an excellent alternative.

Many of our wood lathes come with powerful 3/4hp induction motors and full electronic variable speed control. This means you can control the speed of your lathe at the simple touch of a button, which is especially useful when applying those all-important finishing touches to your work.

Order a wood turning lathe

Ordering a lathe machine from Kendal Tools is easy. Simply browse our extensive range and click on the ones that take your fancy to find out more about them. Once you’ve found the best one for your woodworking shop, add it to your online basket and proceed to the checkout.

Although our woodturning lathes are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard and allow you to create delicate pieces of woodwork, we guarantee competitive prices and ensure they each come with an affordable price tag.

Contact Kendal Tools

If you’re unsure which wood lathe machine to go for, or have any questions about the ones we have in stock, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is always on hand and will be more than happy to share their expertise. Either call 01539 733 774, or drop us an email at, and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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  • SIP 01701 B16-12 Drilling machine - Kendal Tools

    06851 SIP Woodturning Chuck Set 3/4″ x 16tpi spindle size

    £154.90 Inc. VAT
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  • SIP 01936 Vari-Speed Cast Iron Midi Wood Lathe

    £413.90 Inc. VAT
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  • SIP 01938 Wood Lathe Complete On Leg Stand 3/4hp motor

    £629.95 Inc. VAT
  • SIP 01940 Heavy Duty Wood Lathe 1hp motor

    £796.90 Inc. VAT
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  • LED Light with Flexi-shaft

    LED Light with Flexi-shaft and Magnetic Base

    £37.35 Inc. VAT
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  • Scheppach DM460T Hobby Lathe plus drive center, revolving centre, and faceplate

    £316.80 Inc. VAT
  • Scheppach LATA 5.0 Wood Lathe Heavy Duty

    £675.99 Inc. VAT
  • AWL44 Six Piece HSS Draper Woodturning Chisel Set

    £119.99 Inc. VAT
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  • SIP 06857 HSS Wood turning Set in Wooden Box

    £104.99 Inc. VAT
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  • Offer

    Charnwood W815 Mini Lathe complete with drive centre, revolving tailstock centre and face plate.

    £213.90 Inc. VAT
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  • Mini Lathe Package - Kendal Tools

    W815P Mini Lathe Package complete with W810 2″ dia. x 3 Jaw lever scroll chuck

    £258.99 Inc. VAT
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  • W824 Midi Lathe Vari Speed Wood Lathe

    £399.45 Inc. VAT
  • W824P Midi lathe with Viper 2 Chuck Vari Speed

    £472.90 Inc. VAT
  • W824PF Package Deal: W824 Midi Lathe, VIPER2 Chuck & ULEG Floorstand

    W824PF Package Deal: W824 Midi Lathe, VIPER2 Chuck & ULEG Floorstand

    £564.99 Inc. VAT
  • Extension Bed for Lathe - Kendal Tools

    W824EB Extension Bed For W824 Lathe

    £85.90 Inc. VAT
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  • Offer

    W813 Floorstanding Woodturning Lathe

    £556.99 Inc. VAT
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  • Charnwood W813PN lathe package deal complete with NEXUS 3R chuck package deal.

    £619.90 Inc. VAT
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  • W813P2 Charnwood lathe package complete with NEXUS 3 chuck & Set of turning tools

    £679.99 Inc. VAT
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  • 1420V Heavy Duty Bench Lathe 14″ x 20″ 750watt 1hp motor

    £675.99 Inc. VAT
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  • 1624V Floorstanding Variable Speed Lathe, 1500w 2hp Motor

  • VIPER 2 Scroll Chuck Package in carry case

    £169.00 Inc. VAT
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  • Nexus 3 Scroll Chuck Package - Kendal Tools

    NEXUS 3 Scroll chuck package in carry case.

    £199.99 Inc. VAT
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  • VIPER 3 Scroll chuck package in carry case

    £199.99 Inc. VAT
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  • W833 Charnwood 6 Pce HSS turning tool set

    £85.90 Inc. VAT
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  • Charnwood 6 Piece Turning Tool Set - Kendal Tools

    Charnwood W834 6 Pce High quality turning tool set HSS

    £95.99 Inc. VAT
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  • Draper Variable Speed Mini Wood Lathe - Kendal Tools

    Draper WTL330A Variable speed mini wood lathe 250watt (60988)

    £199.99 Inc. VAT
  • Draper Variable Speed Wood Lathe with Digital Display

    Draper WTL1100 (60990) Variable Speed Wood Lathe with Digital Display 750watt Motor complete on Leg Stand.

    £636.98 Inc. VAT
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