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Spindle Moulders

Need a little help choosing the right spindle moulder machine for your application? Call our experts today.

Kendal Tools & Machinery is delighted to bring you some of the best spindle moulders on the market right now. We stock leading brands – such as Sedgwick SIP & Charnwood – and guarantee competitive pricing and quick delivery times. Why not take a look at the range below and, with a little support from our team, identify the perfect one for your needs?

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A selection of spindle moulders for sale

Exactly as its name implies, a spindle moulder machine is used to create basic moulding work, but it can also be used to make profiles, rebates and grooves on the edge of wood, composites or plastics. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can buy.

The beauty of a spindle moulder is that it is simple to use, shapes easily and delivers a high-quality finish every time. Whilst the most common types have a vertical or horizontal spindle, others have spindles or tables that tilt. There are additional options too, such as power feeds, tenoning tables and CNC controls.

Here at Kendal Tools, we have a range of spindle moulders for sale, including heavy-duty spindle moulders and reversible tilt spindle moulders.

As a brand, Sedgwick is renowned for quality, long-lasting machines that hold their value, but the SM255t is like no other. It features a backward tilting spindle which allows for safer working and enables users to machine workpieces of all sizes. There is also full use of pressure guards, without obstruction, and wood chips are directed into exhaust outlets in the machine base.

Alternatively, the spindle moulder machine from SIP has been designed to suit a range of woodworking tasks (particularly end moulding, profiling and tenoning). It has a large cast iron table with a tilting spindle which maximises flexibility, and a heavy duty fence and clamping system that holds intricate pieces in places. This is a great choice for trade professionals and serious DIYers.

If you want a less expensive machine take a look at the Charnwood range, they include packages with extras such as cutter block & cutters, router collet, sanding drum and wheels.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about the spindle moulders for sale before you commit to buying one, feel free to contact us. We are always on hand to help and will be more than happy to answer your questions. Similarly, if you’re spoilt for choice and would appreciate an expert opinion, you’re welcome to contact us at any time. Either call 01539 733 774 or email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Sedgwick SM210 Spindle Moulder

    Sedgwick SM210 Spindle Moulder 3 or 1 phase models available

  • SM255t Reverse tilt spindle moulder

    SM255t Reverse tilt spindle moulder available 3phase or 1phase.

  • SIP Saw With Sliding Carriage - Kendal Tools

    SIP 01456 Heavy Duty Spindle Moulder 3.75hp 240volt motor

    £1,829.90 Inc. VAT
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  • Sliding Table - Kendal Tools

    SIP 01457 Sliding table to fit 01456 Spindle Moulder

    £435.90 Inc. VAT
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  • Charnwood Spindle Moulder With Sliding Table - Kendal Tools

    Charnwood W030 Spindle moulder complete with sliding table and 1/2″ router collet.

    £853.90 Inc. VAT
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  • Charnwood W030P Spindle Moulder Package Deal complete with sliding table, block & cutters, 1/2″ router collet & sanding drums.

    £943.90 Inc. VAT
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  • W040 Charnwood spindle moulder with sliding beam and 1/2″ router collet.

    £942.90 Inc. VAT
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  • W040P Charnwood spindle moulder with sliding beam 1/2″ router collet, cutter block and cutters, sanding drum kit.

    £1,039.90 Inc. VAT
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  • W040P-2 Charnwood spindle moulder with sliding beam 1/2″collet, cutter block and cutters, sanding kit, wheel base and rebate block.

    £1,192.90 Inc. VAT
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