Holzstar TF 170 E 4 SPEED Spindle Moulder Complete with Sliding Table 230volt


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The Holzstar TF170E 4-speed spindle moulder is a small compact machine ideal for the home enthusiast or smaller joinery workshop, it comes complete with sliding table it has a standard 30mm diameter shaft that takes all the popular cutter blocks and tooling, fitted with a 100mm rear dust extraction spout to couple up to a dust extractor. 5901917


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Holzstar TF 170 E 4 SPEED Spindle Moulder Complete with Sliding Table 230volt

  • Smooth-action sliding carriage for precise workpiece guidance
  • Milling stop with finely adjustable aluminium stops
  • Quick and easy change of the speed by means of splined belts
  • Large work surface with torsion-free cast-iron table
  • Milling unit made of grey cast iron
  • Down holder for precise workpiece guidance


Dimensions and weights
Max. length (product) ca. 1000mm
Max. width/depth (product) ca. 950mm
Max. height (product) ca. 1170mm
Length (product) approx. 1000mm
Width/depth (product) approx. 900mm
Height (product) approx. 1140mm
Net weight approx. 96kg
Work table
Work table length 600mm
Work table width 400mm
Table height 850mm
Sliding carriage length 1000mm
Sliding carriage width 218mm
Sliding carriage height 850mm
Electrical Data
Supply voltage 230V
Mains frequency 50Hz
Drive motor output 1,1kW
Absorbed power drive motor 1,5kW
Protection class drive motor IP54
Duty type drive motor S6
Total current draw 6.2A
Total rated value 1,5kVA
Milling spindle
Milling spindle stroke 105mm
Max. spindle protrusion over the table 105mm
Spindle speed(s) 1400/4000/6000/9000min¯¹
Spindle arbor diamter 30mm
Milling cutter diameter max.
Max. tool diamter 160mm