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Sanding Machines

Do you need to smooth surfaces?

It’s no secret that wood straight from the mill can be rough or come with dents and other marks. However, wood sanding will smooth the surface and emphasise the beauty of the wood’s natural grain.

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Whether it be for cabinetry making, staircase building or toy manufacturing, the right wood sanding machine is sure to save you time and, in turn, help you to achieve a high-quality finish. But, with so many options to choose from, how do you know which to choose?

A complete range of Plunge Saws

When shopping for sanders, it helps if you know a little bit about the different types available. Here we list just a few:

  • Orbital sanders – even though it’s not something we stock at Kendal Tools, orbital sanders, or palm sanders, are fantastic. They work as an all-round power tool and can be used one-handed. However, their lightweight nature makes them unsuitable for heavy removal jobs and finer details.
  • Belt sanders – these sanding machines use a continuous loop of abrasive paper, also known as a sanding belt, and are used to remove material from tabletops, doors and corner sections of timber flooring quickly. They are often used with coarse-grit sanding paper, so it’s recommended that you only use them early on in the finishing process.
  • Disc sanders – ideal for shaping wood rather than smoothing it, these provide a clearly defined working edge. The great thing about belt disc sanders is that they allow the user to see what they are working on and to use both hands.

Why choose a sanding machine from Kendal Tools?

As a premier supplier of woodworking machinery and sanding machines, we stock all the well-known brands, including Charnwood, Draper, Fox, Scheppach and SIP, and pride ourselves on competitive pricing. From belt disc sanding machines to wide belt sanders, and sanders fitted with dust extraction ports, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a supplier with more choice and lower prices than us.

Although it’s great to have options, we understand that too many can make it confusing and hinder your decision. That’s why we are here to guide you in choosing the best wood sanding machine for your workshop, your needs and your budget.

For example, if you need to smooth large pieces of wood, flexibility is desirable and, with this in mind, we highly suggest you opt for a wide belt sander, like the Draper BDS150. The beauty of this machine is that it comes with a 4” wide belt and a 6” disc sander – providing you with the best of both worlds.

Other belt disc sanders are available and come at various price points. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our extensive collection today.

Get in touch

If you have a question about our sanding machines and accessories or would like to discuss your requirements further, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01539 733 774 or drop us an email at, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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  • LED Light with Flexi-shaft

    LED Light with Flexi-shaft and Magnetic Base

    £37.35 Inc. VAT
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  • SIP 01953 12″ / 300mm Disc sander with fitted dust extraction port

    £288.99 Inc. VAT
  • 01943 SIP 6″ x 10″ Belt and Disc sander 800watt/ 1hp Motor

    £589.99 Inc. VAT
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  • 01948 SIP 3″ Pedestal Belt Linisher / Sanding machine 3hp 3-phase

    £709.90 Inc. VAT
  • 01949 SIP 6″ Pedestal Belt Linisher / Sanding machine 3hp 3-phase

    £882.90 Inc. VAT
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  • SIP Disk Sanding Machine - Kendal Tools

    01946 SIP 4″ x 8″ Belt / Disc Sanding Machine 500watt motor

    £185.90 Inc. VAT
  • Charnwood BD15 Belt & Disc Sander, 1″ wide belt x 5″ dia disc.

  • Charnwood BD46 Belt & Disc Sander, 4″ wide belt x 6″ dia disc

    £153.90 Inc. VAT
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  • Charnwood Disk Sander - Kendal Tools

    Charnwood BD48 Belt and Disc Sander, 4″ wide belt x 8″ dia disc

    £236.90 Inc. VAT
  • Offer Charnwood BD610 Belt and Disc Sander, 6″ belt x 10″ dia disc

    Charnwood BD610 Belt and Disc Sander, 6″ belt x 10″ dia disc

    £318.90 Inc. VAT
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  • Scheppach 6" x 4" Belt & Disk Sander - Kendal Tools

    Scheppach BTS900X 6″ x 4″ Belt and Disc Sander PLUS FREE BELTS and DISCS

    £167.99 Inc. VAT
  • Draper BBS450A Bobbin Sander with Five Sanding Bobbins (10773)

    £135.99 Inc. VAT
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  • Scheppach Oscillating Bobbin Sander - Kendal Tools

    Scheppach OSM100 Oscillating Bobbin sander incs. Six Sanding Sleeves

    £176.90 Inc. VAT
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  • Draper 4" Wide Belt and 6" Disc Sander - Kendal Tools

    Draper BDS150 4″ Wide belt and 6″ Disc Sander (53005)

    £109.90 Inc. VAT
  • Draper Sander - Kendal Tools

    Draper DS305 12″ Disc Sander with Tilting Table 750watt motor (88912)

    £182.99 Inc. VAT
  • Fox F3 Sander - Kendal Tools

    F31-462A Fox Belt and Disc Sander

    £154.90 Inc. VAT
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