Sedgwick CP 3/TERSA Planer Thicknesser (410 x 230mm) 3phase Tersa knife block or Spiral knife cutter block Request a quote.


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    Sedgwick CP 3/TERSA Planer Thicknesser Tersa knife block or Spiral knife cutter block Request a quote.

    The cast infeed table (which on the Sedgwick CP-3 planer has increased length for accurate surfacing) rises and falls in square gibs for long term accuracy, and is fitted with a rule showing depth of cut. A generously proportioned cast iron fence is then mounted off the table on a cast iron bracket. The fence can be tilted between 90º – 45º making it suitable for bevel work and chamfering, and is easily returned to 90º via a positive stop.


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    Sedgwick CP-3phase / TERSA  Phone for best price. 01539 733774

    Sedgwick Model CP-3 phase/TERSA planer thicknesser 410mm x 230mm.
    Fitted with new IE2 High Efficiency Motor, this gives you a net 2-3% saving in cossumption. Sedgwick Model CP-3 phase. This model is now supplied with braked motor as standard.

    Sedgwick CP-3 Planer Thicknesser, cast iron base, side frames, surface and thickness tables. All three models of planer thicknesser are designed and built for precision, long life and minimum maintenance. The large four knife TERSA cutter block provides improved finish, and runs in ‘sealed for life bearings’for minimum maintenance. Knife setting is aided by height adjustment screws.

    Driving the cutterblock is an industrial motor via two heavy section vee belts which, combined with the centrifugal force of the large diameter block, provides ample power. The fence can be tilted between 90 and 45 degrees, there is a positive stop at 90 degrees.


    • The Sedgwick CP-3 Planer Thicknesser comes with a hold down guard for rebating.
    • Surface width : 410mm
    • Thickness width : 410mm
    • Thickness depth : 230mm
    • Surface table length : 1700mm
    • Infeed table length : 850mm
    • Table height : 885mm
    • Thickness table length : 600mm
    • Four knife TERSA cutter block
    • Feed speed : 4.5 & 7 mtr per min
    • Cutter block motor : 4.0kw 3phase
    • Separate feed motor: 0.375k. 3phase
    • Weight : 435kg.