Popular as the woodworking machine provider of choice for DIY-ers, professionals, and home craftspeople alike – Holzstar machines offer unmatched results without compromising on quality.

At a price point that also delivers exceptional value.

So, if you are new to the brand, what do you need to know about Holzstar machines?

Our expert team at Kendal Tools & Machinery has put together a one-stop guide to clue you in – so make a coffee and read on at your leisure.

What machines do Holzstar provide?

Who are Holzstar?

Holzstar machines are designed to offer easy-to-use, high-quality machines for machinists of all skill levels – from home DIY projects to professionals.

As well as being simple to use, Holzstar tools and machines aim to make your woodworking tasks easier, helping you to enjoy your work and cut down on the frustrating preparation stages of a project that although necessary, can be disheartening.

Are they related to Holzmann?

We are often asked if Holzstar machines come from the Holzmann brand. However, this is not the case.

Holzmann are a subset of the German brand Stuermer Machines and their related brands include:

  • Aircraft®
  • Optimum®
  • Metallkraft®
  • Holzkraft®
  • Holzkraft® Casadei
  • Rehm
  • Schweißkraft®
  • Craftweld®
  • Unicraft®
  • Cleancraft®

What does the Holzstar range include?

Offering a fantastic introductory selection, the Holzstar range includes:

Holzstar saws

Whether you are looking to trim down large stock for building projects or improve final pieces with small and detailed trims or engravings, there is a Holzstar saw for you.

  • Tilt arbor saws – allowing you to cut bevels of angles on stock, among other tasks.
  • Scroll saws – designed to add intricate curves, internal details, or patterns on stock or finished projects.
  • Bandsaws – giving woodworkers a range of possible uses, including corners and tight spaces, creating laminates and veneers, and cutting down larger stock with ease.
  • Table saws – can perform a selection of cuts, including crosscuts, rip, mitre, and bevel cuts with ease.
  • Mitre saws – if you need to complete precision cuts at multiple angles or cut longer boards, a mitre saw is for you.

Spindle moulders, lathes, and sanders

Holzstar also provide a range of moulders, lathes, and sanders – all of which are designed to be accessible for skill levels of all sizes.

  • Spindle moulders – ideal for working with mouldings, rebates, and curved pieces, as well as larger projects.
  • Belt and disc sanders – delivering a smooth and professional finish to edges and cuts, no matter the project.
  • Oscillating sanding machines – designed for pieces that require more exposure to sanding surfaces without unsightly burn marks.
  • Cylindrical drum sanding machines – expertly strip away the old finish and smooth out imperfections.

Benefits of Holzstar machines

Holzstar machines come with a range of benefits, all of which make them popular with woodworking customers. These benefits include:

  • Suitability for all skill levels

Whether you have years of experience with woodworking or are new to the field and developing your skills with hobby or craft work, Holzstar machines are ideal for you.

  • More economical machines that don’t compromise quality

Although more affordable than other brands, all Holzstar machines are designed to last, with precise and sturdy heads or saw blades.

  • Wide machine range

Thanks to a great selection of machines, you will be able to fill your workshop with everything you need to get you up and running, or even extend your current collection.

  • Suitable for all types of wood

Including firewood, construction timber, as well as soft, hard, and solid woods.

  • Exceptional aftercare and spare parts

As with all chosen brands from Kendal Tools & Machinery, our experienced and knowledgeable team can offer outstanding aftercare and a selection of high-quality replacement blades – to ensure your new machine lasts for years to come.

What projects can I use Holzstar machines for?

Thanks to the design and quality of Holzstar machines, there is a wide array of possible projects they can be used with.

These possible uses include:


While it will depend on the exact crafting project you are completing, common tools and machines will involve, bandsaws, drills, mitre saws, and sanders to name but a few.


Common machines and tools include table saws, circular saws, a drill, and a lathe.

Model makers

Depending on the models you make, common tools or machines you might need include a disc sander, scroll saw, table or circular saw, and spindle moulders.

Furniture making

Popular machines include table saws, mitre saws, spindle moulders, planers, and lathes.

Get in touch for help with Holzstar machines

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