SIP 05645 16″ Wheel-Mounted Ventilator

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The SIP 16″ Wheel-Mounted Ventilator is designed for powerful, efficient, and easy ventilation of a variety of spaces in different industries, providing a large air volume via an effective intake suction perfect for loft spaces, below ground tasks, workshops, and more.

Ideal for ventilating odours, fumes, and stale air.


? High 2800rpm fan rotation with 7200mtr?/hr airflow
? Efficient ventilation of odours, fumes, and stale air
? Ideal for workshops, below ground, and loft spaces
? Effective intake suction for a larger air volume
? Castor-mounted design with front locking wheels


The SIP 16″ Wheel-Mounted Ventilator makes light work of freshening spaces, effortlessly ventilating places via a large air volume and powerful airflow including workshops, below ground, and loft spaces, removing stale air, odours, and fumes.

A robust castor-mounted design with 2 front locking units provide unrivalled mobility, whilst adjustment tilting helps to direct air where required.

Optional ducting, sold separately, aids directional air using a concertina design.

? High 2800rpm fan rotation for 7200mtr?/hr airflow
? Effective intake suction offers a larger air volume
? Efficient ventilation of odours, fumes, stale air, and more
? Powerful ventilation for workshops, lofts, and below ground
? Castor-mounted design for mobility, with front locking wheels
? Adjustable fan angle for directing air where required
? Industrial-grade ON/OFF switch for higher durability
? Built-in front and rear grilles provide added safety
? Optional ducting for directional air sold separately
? SIP 2-Year Standard Silver Warranty
? Fully ErP-compliant