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Log Saws

Kendal Tools & Machinery is a leading supplier of garden power tools and brings you only the best log saws on the market – including the very competitive HS410 and the heavy-duty Scheppach range. So, if you’re looking to buy a log saw, be sure to take a closer look at our collection below.

As their name suggests, log saws are garden power tools – designed to specifically cut wooden logs. They are guaranteed to take the strain and effort out of cutting logs and firewood by hand using a bow saw (the oldest way of cutting logs!).

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A log saw to suit every need

Have you recently felled a tree? Perhaps you’ve had logs delivered to your door for your wood-burning stove or open fire? The chances are, you will need to cut these to the right size to ensure they fit neatly in to your wood burner – and a log saw can do just that!

There are a plethora of log saws for sale which means you should have no problem finding something suitable for your project. Though they all look very similar and operate in much the same way, they fall into two separate categories based on the machine’s power source:

  • Electric log saws
  • Petrol-powered log saws

The good news is, Kendal Tools can guide and advise you on which suits your needs best.

The electric log saw is intended for personal use – so, perfect for small-scale projects and occasional jobs. Easy to operate, lightweight and quiet, you can make use of it to prepare logs for the winter, making sure they fit on your open fire, to keep you toasty and warm. Or for breaking them down into smaller pieces, ready for removal. Whilst an electric log saw is a great choice for DIY jobs and allows you to work safely at a comfortable height, we appreciate that it’s not the most suitable solution for heavy-duty applications.

If you’re a trade professional and will use your log saw frequently, a petrol-powered version is ideal. Reserved for professional use, this type of log saw is just as easy to use as the electric models but heavier and noisier. The best thing about the petrol-powered log saw is that it can be used just about anywhere – without a mains connection.

Whether you require an electric log saw or a heavy-duty petrol engine log saw, like the HS720B 12.2hp 4 stroke saw, we are confident that you’ll find what you need, here at Kendal Tools.

Get in touch today

If you have a question regarding log saws or would like to know more about the other products we supply, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can either call us on 01539 733 774 or fill in the online enquiry form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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  • Offer HS410 Swivel Log Saw 410mm diameter blade, 135mm deep cut 3hp motor

    HS410 Swivel Log Saw 410mm diameter blade, 135mm deep cut 3hp motor

    £299.99 Inc. VAT
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  • Spare TCT Saw Blade to fit HS410 Log Saw

    Spare TCT Saw Blade to fit HS410 Log Saw

    £74.90 Inc. VAT
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  • HS510 Log saw 505mm diameter blade 170mm deep cut 3.5hp motor

    £659.99 Inc. VAT
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  • Scheppach HS520 505mm Dia swivel log saw MADE IN GERMANY 230volt

    Scheppach HS520 505mm Dia swivel log saw MADE IN GERMANY 230volt

    £735.90 Inc. VAT
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  • Scheppach 700mm Log cutter - Kendal Tools

    Scheppach HS720 700mm Dia swivel log saw MADE IN GERMANY

    £915.90 Inc. VAT
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