Scheppach Tiger 2000S Whetstone Grinder 40mm wide wheel.

£115.99 £105.99

Tiger 2000S whetstone grinder

Tiger 2000S Whetstone grinder

Comes with universal jig & honing compound @£115.99  Delivered to your door, no extra carriage charge.

Scheppach Tiger 2000S  whetstone grinding system.

The perfect machine for the enthusiastic DIYer working to eliminate frustration and costly mistakes through blunt tools. The 2000S sharpening system can offer superb, professional resultsthat can only come from tools with razor sharp edges. The ideal machine for the bigginer come with all you need to start sharpening, knive, plane irons and chisels.

Features; Stable base and body, grinding stone is also suitable for H.S.S. tools. The honing wheel is removable to allow unhindered access to the grindstone when grinding long knives and irons.

Comes complete with angle guide, honing paste and setting angle guage.


  • Diemensions: 360 x 285 x 275mm
  • Stone size: 200mm x 40mm
  • Grit: 220g
  • Leather honing wheel: 200mm x 30mm
  • Motor: 120watt 240volt
  • Weight: 13.5kgs
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