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Scheppach RS400 Automatic rotary garden Sieve 360watt motor

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Transform your gardening experience with the Scheppach RS400 Automatic Rotary Garden Sieve.

This revolutionary 360-watt motor-powered rotary soil sieve is designed to save you time and effort while enhancing the quality of your garden soil.

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this innovative tool will help you to say goodbye to stubborn stones, debris, and uneven soil, revolutionising the way you work in your garden.


Scheppach RS400 Multi-purpose automatic rotary sieve.

2 Year warranty domestic use.


The Scheppach RS400 is designed to streamline your gardening tasks.

With its powerful 360-watt motor, this automatic rotary garden sieve can process large quantities of compost, making your garden soil fine and fertile.

While boasting a more robust motor than the smaller RS350 rotary soil sieve, the RS400 not only delivers enhanced performance but also operates remarkably quietly.

This automatic rotary garden sieve not only eliminates stones and debris, but also refines the soil to produce potting compost with fine, nutrient-rich material.

Whether you’re dealing with stoney flowerbeds or need to keep your children’s sandpit clean and safe, the Scheppach RS400 rotary soil sieve has got you covered.

Simply sieve out unwanted material and return the stone-free material to your garden. It’s as simple as that!


  • Dimensions (LWB) : 1080x720x1500mm
  • Working Height : 1500mm
  • Sieve drum dia : 400mm
  • Sieve drum length : 900mm
  • Rotation : 35 per/min
  • Mesh aperture : 20mm
  • Sieve insert aperture : 10mm
  • Motor : .36kw (0.5hp)
  • Weight: 37kg


The Scheppach RS400 is a compact and powerful tool that effortlessly fits into your gardening routine.

Its robust 360-watt motor and 400mm diameter sieve drum work in perfect harmony to sieve out any unwanted debris and stones, leaving your garden soil finely conditioned for planting.

Its adjustable settings and user-friendly design make this rotary soil sieve straightforward to use, and it’s easy to program it to meet your specific needs.


Transform Your Garden with the Scheppach RS400 Rotary Garden Sieve

No more struggling with stubborn stones and uneven soil; let this reliable companion take care of the hard work for you, making your garden flourish like never before.

With the Scheppach RS400, you can create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive and for your family to enjoy.

So, why wait? Experience the power of this rotary soil sieve today, and your garden will thank you later.

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